+ Prenatal consultation, preferably in person

+ Photographer is on call from 38 weeks until the birth

+ Up to 12 hours of in person photography coverage up to 2 hours postpartum**

+ 75+ images

+ An online gallery for viewing, sharing, and downloading in print and web resolution

+ A print release is included

**Additional time beyond 12 hrs is an option that can be discussed at  our consultation

We offer a free 1 hour consultation to all individuals interested in a labor & delivery session

The process of labor and delivery is one of the most profound human experiences. It is, of course, where we all begin, whether we're being born a mother, father, or just being born. We believe that the labor and delivery journey demonstrates the resilience, beauty, and strength of women. But birth is fragile, it is often unpredictable and calls for the utmost care. We understand this, therefore our labor and delivery session is always crafted around the birthing mother and baby.


Our prenatal consultation is one way we get to know you, your family, and your preferences. We discuss logistics, lighting situations, etc, and answer any questions you may have. We will also determine when exactly you'd like us to arrive- this is often dependent on what portion of the labor and delivery process you'd like us to capture.


At your 38th week, we are on call until the babe arrives. This means we have our phones on loud at all times, day and night, anticipating the birth of your child. Sometimes this means we can't attend or possibly miss important events but the birth of your child is our highest priority, not to mention our passion. 


When we arrive in your birthing space, we aim to be a fly on the wall, to truly document one of the biggest day of your life.We will be a positive force in your space, with an occasional cheer, if you so desire. We respect and work with the other birth workers present during your journey. We exude professionalism in the birth room...until the baby is born...then we really can't stop the water works, we'll be quiet about it though, no worries!


We will capture up to 2 hours postpartum if we have not yet exceeded 12 hours total. Fresh toes, first measurements, 1 out of a million kisses, and everything in between occurs in those first hours- we'll ensure we snag them so you can savor forever.