+ One prenatal (or postnatal) consultation via email or phone

+ On call 24/7 from 38 weeks until delivery (for Fresh48 only)

+ Up to 90 minutes of photography coverage

+ 50+ images

+ Photographs ideally taken anytime from immediate postpartum up to 48 hours postpartum (newborn sessions are within the first 3 months)

+ An online gallery for viewing, sharing, and downloading in print and web resolution

+ A print release is included

+ Sessions including more than six participants are subject to an additional fee

+ A model release is not required but requested

We offer a discounted price, when booked with Labor & Delivery Session

IWe will pre arrange our meeting time, whether I'm meeting in a recovery space or home, with the recovering mother and new baby in mind. Times and locations will absolutely be dependent on what is most comfortable and preferable for them. Postpartum is such a vulnerable time and we want to be incredibly sensitive to and honor the privilege of entering such a space.

We love capturing the organic movement of a family as they welcome a new babe- there is little pressure for posing in these sessions unless it is specifically requested although direction will be given throughout the session. We strive to preserve the moment as it were.

We are frequently asked, "What if my baby won't allow me to set her down? What if big sister is throwing a tantrum? What if my partner is reluctant/bashful?" Rest assured that we've dealt with our fair share of grumpy toddlers, uninterested partners, too cool teens, and babies who only want mama (including our own!). We will cross that bridge when we come to it and do what is best for all parties involved. We understand that people and children specifically have needs and sometimes a photo session just isn't one of them!

Regardless of the place, time, or attitude, we would love to capture the beauty of your family.