Birth Photography Part 1: Meet Julie Peterson

Springfield is a city that has in recent years been getting back up on its feet. While it's still primarily filled with big chain stores and restaraunts, there is a rise in small independent business. These locally-owned businesses are what makes cities unique, giving an area its own flavor to its people; an opportunity to experience something new that cannot be found anywhere else, while actually directly supporting the economy of the city. This is why I am passionate about supporting local businesses - and as the owner of one, I love partnering with them whenever I can to further my support... and to enhance the experience of our clients.

Last summer, I was on the look-out for a local photographer that I could refer clients to for maternity, birth, and newborn sessions. Enter: Julie Peterson, owner at Julie Peterson Photography. We met and discussed what our business goals were, how we could possibly work together, and of course, how much we loved attending births. I was so impressed with Julie, her portfolio, and her dedication to her work, and ended up having her capture the birth of my own daughter a few months later. And now I have my own personal proof of just how exquisite her work is to cherish forever.

Julie is a hard-working mother of four, extremely talented photographer, and probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. She has a very soft, comforting, and encouraging presence, which is just the kind of thing most people are looking for when considering who to attend their labor and delivery. She works diligently to make sure that everything you want captured - everything that is important to you to remember from the day - is captured. She is very good at being a fly on the wall; careful not to be in the way of care providers or support people, and yet somehow still capable of getting all of the most beautiful shots.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? So if you're thinking that having a doula AND a birth photographer sounds ideal to you, check this out:

Last week, Julie and I shared a very exciting and important meeting. We both want to further serve our community and decided to band together on some projects and ideas, including a collaborative service for our clients: the Supportive Birth Story package - doula and birth photography services for a discounted price (compared to hiring out the services separately). We are very proud to present this to our clients, and filled with joy to join efforts in making the very best experience for our clients. If you would like to learn more about Julie, you can visit her website, and follow her on facebook and instagram.

On behalf of Voice Birth Options and Julie Peterson Photography, we are so excited to serve you and your family!

Is local business important to you? How have you contributed to your community or collaborated with other professionals in your field?

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