Why Hire A Doula?

Putting together your birth team is an important part of planning for your baby's arrival. If you haven't already added a doula to that team, you may have a few questions to determine if you should. Like, "How will a doula help me?"

"Is it worth the investment?"

"Is it really necessary?"

At VOICE Birth Options, we are committed to helping you feel your best during birth. The support we offer will look different for everyone we work with, because it is always tailored to your specific needs. While we believe that a doula is not a necessity to having a positive birth experience, we know how valuable and comforting she can be to a family as they make this huge life transition.

We asked around and here's what some local parents had to say about why they hired a doula:

"I knew that if I hired a doula I would experience [comfort, encouragement, and support], which was something I needed after feeling unsupported throughout my first pregnancy and delivery. You have so many people telling you what to do when you're pregnant. I knew that a doula would respect me and my choices... and help me find my strength and trust myself."

With our training and knowledge, we are ready to offer you the best information and guidance that you need to feel confident and strong for the birth you want. Professional doulas know and understand that this is YOUR birth, YOUR baby, and YOUR journey. You won't have to worry about unsolicited advice, or being persuaded to make one choice over another; we're here to support you, your way.

"[This was our first baby] and having someone there who knows the options and won't try to tell you what way is right or wrong is a huge relief. She made me, as a husband, feel competent and secure."

Doulas can be an enormous help, especially to first-timers, when there is an impossible amount of information to know. Dads and partners wishing to submerge themselves in the experience of the birth of their child may often times have a difficult time doing so if they are preoccupied with knowing all the tricks to keep you comfortable and relaxed; so doulas are the perfect way to help instill calm, and assist without overtaking, to allow the family to create and maintain their own rhythm and routine during labor.

"I wasn't sure if my husband was going to be able to be there, or stay home with our other little one. It gave me peace of mind to know that no mater what, I would have a support person there."

Or, if you're going to be without a support person (or with one that would prefer to remain more "hands-off"), a doula can be there to fill in the gap. Whatever you need - be it physical support to help you with an unmedicated birth or pushing with an epidural, or simple encouragement before you head into the operating room or run into a change in plans - we make sure you feel seen and heard, and never feel alone.

"Initially, I wasn't sure what a doula would add to my birth experience, but I found out that she was exactly what I needed. She was an incredible emotional support when my pregnancy stretched four weeks past when I thought I was due... and was an amazing mix of professional and personal."

You may not have any specifically known reasons for wanting a doula; but seeing that she can be an incredibly valuable person to add to your birth team, and you may want to make sure that no matter how your birth unfolds, you feel taken care of. A doula can't guarantee any certain outcomes, but whether your labor and delivery goes perfectly as planned; takes several twists and turns; or ends up nothing like you expected, you can count on us to be a completely safe place for you to celebrate, or cry, or process your experience without fear of judgment.

Head over to our testimonials page to hear from some of our previous clients and learn how we made a difference in their birth story. If we've grabbed your attention and you'd like to know how a doula can help support you, we would love to show you! Give VOICE Birth Options a call at 937-631-8540 or email us at info@voicebirthoptions.com to set up your complimentary consultation!

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